May 13, 2020 By Adam John 0

The Indications That My Parrot Is Sick

The first sign that may be evident to parrot owner is a change in some characteristic of their birds. According to Pet Education websites, here are some specific changes that may alert you to an illness in your parrot. Adams Parrots Farm offer full guide and solution to keep your parrot free from any illness.

General appearance or stance:
Losing balance
Picking at feathers
Hanging on side of the cage with its beak
Walking in circles
Not preening
Weight loss

Weight loss is a common sign that your bird is sick. You should monitor your bird’s health weekly using avian scales such as the bird scale pictured in the above image. If you notice any drastic drops in your the weight of your bird then you should take them to the vet and double check the bird food and diet. These scales are also useful for preventing your bird from becoming overweight.

Behaviour and attitude
Changes in vocalizations
Drooping wings

Change in personality
Bird’s droppings
Color and consistency changes
Decrease in dropping
Blood in droppings

Head appearance
Squinting and half-closed eyes
Overgrown or flaky beak
Head twitching
Loss of symmetry indicating swelling

Ruffled, fluffed or dull
Wet, stained on head or vent area

Excessive molting and bald spots
Legs and feet
Abnormal nail growth
Swollen feet or joints
Crusting or discoloration

Tail-bobbing while breathing
Open beak breathing
Change in parrot sounds
Exercise intolerance

Eating and drinking
Increase or decrease
Swelling in crop area
Straining to defecate or pass eggs
Inability to pick up food