Sun conure For Sale


Lovely young green cheek conures 10 weeks old lovely is looking to join an new home please bring a carry cage to take home or can be deliver all over US
they come with the following..


Life Span: – about 30 years
Size: about 10 inches in length and weighs about 0.15 pounds.
Sexing: The male and the female Cinnamon green-cheeked conure have an identical external appearance. Gender can only be determined by sexing.

Behavior: This are some of the quietest conures. They are playful, affectionate and intelligent, known as having a “big personality in a small body”. They can learn to talk with a limited vocabulary and a gravelly voice. They need daily exercise and love swinging on their toys in cages, but will seek attention from owners as soon as they are around.

Care: The cage should be large enough so conures can swing from side to side and can hang upside down. Cinnamon Green-cheeks Conures are active by nature and need space to roam and play.
Breeding: The average clutch is 4–6 eggs and an average incubation between 22-25 days.




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