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Product Key Features

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The Bird Brooder ICU (Intensive Care unit) from R-com incubators is one of the most sophisticated bird brooders available today. Popular with veterinary practitioners, the ICU offers all the features needed to successfully raise newborn birds or care for sick or injured birds.
There are many advantages of this specialist Bird Brooder over other products on the market, these include:
Main Functions 
  • Calibrated digital temperature display, with a range of ambient temperature – 38’c (100.4’F)
  • Calibrated digital humidity display with a range of 40-60%
  • Automatic control and settings for temperature & humidity
  • Built-in water humidity pump for humidification
  • Centralised heating system Built-in Anion Activation function
  • Large window far clear visibility
  • 10 stage dimmer devices far indoor illumination control
  • High or low temperature alarm & power failure alarm
  • Antibiotic/deodorising air filter
The Bird Brooder includes same excellent features for maximising hygiene. It features a built-in Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter, a humidification system designed to eliminate germs from the water and a removable bottom tray for exceptionally easy cleaning


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