Gorgeous Baby Hand Reared Conures



Here we have a gorgeous baby-colored conure part for sale. All babies are hand raised from 14 days old and are accustomed to a busy but beautiful home environment with a variety of people, small children, and our three Gordon Setter dogs.

All my babies are now 10-12 weeks old, fully weaned and ready to go to their new loving homes. They love to get out of their cages every morning, get on the backs of the dogs, and interact with the rest of the family.

My babies are sweet and strong, born to healthy, first-generation parents. I have many types of conures in my store, including Green Cheek Conures, Yellow Sided Conures, Cinnamon Conures, Bright Yellow Pineapple Conures, Dark Recess Red Berry Conures, Yellow Sided Conures, Recess Red X Pineapple Conures, and Moon Cheek Conures. We have many kinds of conures in our shop.


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