Baby Cockatoos


Caring for Cockatoos
Cockatiels live for approximately 20 years, while cockatoos can actually range between 40 to 60 years in age. Committing to life with a bird means ensuring their needs are met with regular love and attention, a healthy diet and exercise, and significant mental stimulation.

In their natural habitat, cockatoos spend much of their days flying around, foraging for food. They enjoy a healthy variety of small seeds, sprouted pulses, lentils, green leaves, vegetables, nuts, and complete kibble.

Cockatiels require an aviary of 2 m (7 feet) in length, while cockatoos need larger enclosures a minimum of 7 m (23 feet) where they can stretch their wings, and have access to baths or overhead misters for bathing.

Some cockatoos can be vigorous chewers. It’s important to provide plenty of unsprayed bird-safe branches and perches to sink their beaks into, such as fir or pine. Tanned leather chew toys, non-toxic food-finder and preening toys, as well as destructible and non-destructible toys help keep their active minds engaged and prevent boredom, feather plucking, or other bad habits.

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