March 11, 2023 By Adam John 0

Cockatoos Facts and Beyond 2023

Cockatoos are intelligent and very affectionate companion birds.

Common Species Available:

Galah/Rose-Breasted: One of the smaller and more colorful of the To’s, it is about 14 inches long. It has a rose-colored breast, gray wing feathers, and a white and pink crest.

Goffin’s: These are one of the smallest species, about 11 inches long. They have white and yellow under the tail and wing feathers. Many say they are quieter than the other Too’s, but they still know how to make noise when they want to.

Moluccan: These are the largest of the Cockatoos, measuring around 20 inches. They have light pink to salmon-colored feathers and an orange crest.

Sulphur-Crested: These birds are about the same size as the Moluccan, measuring around 20 inches. They are white with a yellow crest and yellow feathers under the tail.

Umbrella: This bird is slightly smaller than the Moluccan and the Sulphur-Crested and is said to have a personality like the Moluccan. The Umbrella has a touch of yellow under its wings and tail with an impressive broad-feathered white crest.

Talking Ability

  • Cockatoos are not known for having a large vocabulary.
  • They may learn to repeat some words and sounds if you spend the time to train them.
  • Cuddling and performing are what they do best.