Alexandrine Parrot Eggs
March 14, 2023 By Adam John 0

What are Fertile Eggs

Eggs which have been fertilize, can be incubated and developed into chicks, as long as the eggs are not refrigerated. How do you know if an egg is fertile? A Female bird can lay fertilized eggs from anywhere to 2 days after mating up to 3 weeks after mating with the Male. The oldest and easiest way to tell if an egg is fertilized is called candling the egg. It is literally holding the egg up to a lit candle {not to warm it, but in order to see inside of the egg }.

How long can eggs sit before you put them in the incubator? urn the eggs to a new position once daily until placing in the incubator. Hatch-ability holds reasonably well up to 3 weeks. Therefore, do not store eggs more than 3 weeks before incubating