January 16, 2019 By Adam John 0

Senegal Parrot

The Senegal Parrot is a sweet cuddly bird for many owners.The Senegal Parrot has Gray feathers on his head down to the start of their chest. Their lower breast and abdomen have a yellow to an orange-yellow v-shaped section (like a t-shirt) with the upper breast having bright green plumage. Under their wings and tails is a bright yellow, with the upper tail feathers a brownish-green colour.

Personality and Behavior

These beautiful cuddly birds are considered quiet by most people’s standards. Many Senegal Parrots learn to speak some and most all will imitate noises.They are much like conures in having a playful personality that requires lots of toys for playing, attacking and chewing so that they don’t get bored


You should provide no more than 80 percent of the Senegal Parrot diet with top-quality pellets. We like the Totally Organics Pellets because they are 100% organic and they don’t even have artificial vitamins in them. This is important if you have a bird with allergies. We also like Harrison’s Organic Pellets.

Cage Requirements

A minimum of an 18x18x24 cage is really best. If your Senegal Parrot is going to be home alone all day, it will need enough room for a variety of toys and room to swing and play between them. Consider a larger cage if your Senegal will be home alone all day.