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Birds Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Sweden was the first country to introduce pet insurance almost a century ago. Almost half of the Swedish pets currently have insurance. Pet insurance is a growth industry, seeing more than a 17% increase in premiums written between 2014 and 2015.

Some of the benefits offered under exotic pet insurance plans include:

Coverage of the loss of your pet due to escape or theft
Life insurance to cover the death of your bird
Assistance with bills associated with hospitalization due to illness or injury
Cost savings on examinations, prescriptions and lab work
Cost benefits of surgical and emergency procedures

What Can I Expect In A Bird Insurance Plan?
Let’s look at what exactly is covered and some of the costs involved for the companies mentioned above.

Nationwide Pet Insurance – (USA) This is the sole U.S. company offering bird insurance. Their plans include a wellness-only option that is economical and covers the costs related to regular checkups. You can also obtain major medical insurance that takes care of hospitalization and emergency treatment.

Pet Assure – (USA) This company is not an insurance company. Rather, it is a discount card that will lower costs at veterinarians in their network. It is not yet accredited, but is included here for completeness.

Exotic Direct – This UK pet insurer offers plans that will afford you basic coverage for your parrot staring at £4 a month for a bird worth £200. This basic coverage encompasses death benefits for an accident, injury or illness, and peril protection in the case of fire or weather. The company also has more comprehensive plans that will cover up to £5,000 veterinary charges per coverage period. Some claims they paid in 2016 include over £1,000 for a Blue-Fronted Amazon with respiratory disease and over £700 for a Macaw with the same ailment. The company claims a 93% renewal rate and a 5 day claim processing period.

Leisure Guard – Another UK company that will insure your bird, they offer plans for all types of birds, including birds-of-prey. Multi-bird discounts are available, and you can get covered for up to £3,500 of vet fees. They also protect you in the event that your bird is stolen, and you can be covered against public liability. You can also obtain protection for your aviary, bird-room and equipment.

E&L Insurance – (UK) The offerings from E&L are very similar to those of Leisure Guard, with the same upper limit on vet costs covered, as well as aviary coverage.