January 16, 2019 By Adam John 0

Best Birds For Beginners

The canary — among the most popular and varied pet birds in the world — is well known for his vocal talents and vibrant colour. Canaries are actually finches, and they can be green or yellow, bright orange, or even brown. Still, when folks think of them today, they most often conjure up a brilliantly coloured yellow bird, thanks to the Sylvester-outsmarting Tweety Bird.

Budgies (Parakeets)
Because of their small price tag and easy availability, budgerigars (or parakeets) are often treated as a throwaway bird — easily purchased, easily disposed of, easily replaced. This deplorable attitude keeps people from valuing these birds for their affectionate personality — some budgies even become very good talkers, albeit with tiny little voices.

Cockatiels are an exceptionally popular bird, and justifiably so. These small parrots are flat-out loving, and they live to snuggle and be petted. If you only recognise the Gray bird with orange patches, you may be surprised at how many colours are available, thanks to the work of some energetic breeders.

Quaker Parakeets
Green and silvery Quakers are active and upbeat, and they like to vocalise. Some learn to talk, while others love to whistle. They can all be loving if they’re socialised when young and given consistent, respectful handling.

Poicephalus Parrots and Parrotlets
The small African parrots known collectively as poicephalus are an easy-going bunch. Senegal’s are probably the most common, a handsome little bird with a Gray head, green back and wings, and yellow-orange underside. Other species in the group include the Meyer’s, Jardine, cape, red belly, and brown head — all known for their small size (a little bigger than a cockatiel and affectionate personalities. They aren’t the best talkers here, but their noise level is pretty low