January 16, 2019 By Adam John 0

Amazon parrots

Amazon parrots are very loyal companion birds.Amazon parrots a typically good at mimicking human speech. Most amuse themselves destroying toys (at times while rolling on their backs), talking, singing, and playing with their companions.These parrots have big strong beaks. It is important for those who plan to handle an Amazon take the time to learn each bird’s specific personality before picking one up. Raised head feathers, flared tail feathers or eye pinning might result in a trip to the hospital for stitches for the human who ignores the bird’s attempt to communicate.

Common Amazon Parrot:

Blue Fronted Amazon: Said to be a little more easygoing. Excellent talking and mimic ability. I read some great stories about their ability to sing songs.

Cuban Amazon: One of the smallest Amazons and considered a bit rare because they are so hard to find in the U.S. Reported to be relatively a quiet bird.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon: Considered one of the best talkers. They are comical, head strong and usually outgoing.

Lilac Crowned Amazon: A favorite among many because of it’s sweet disposition and it’s beautiful colors. Known to have an even-tempered disposition and a little shy. Not known for their talking ability, but many become good talkers and singers.

Mexican Red Headed Amazon: Owners say these parrots are gentle, cuddly, affectionate and not as moody as other Amazons. Some owners say they are not the best of talkers and they are said to not go through as long a hormonal stage as the other Amazon Parrots.

Orange Winged Amazon: These parrots are often confused with the Blue Fronted. They are similar in personality and looks but there are differences. The Orange Winged is said to be a little more even tempered and an inch or two smaller. It’s upper mandible is lighter colored, often with dark streaks. It’s orange feathers are the best give-away, the Blue Front has red feathers instead.