January 16, 2019 By Adam John 0

African Grey Parrots

African Grey are one of the most popular and highly intelligent birds. They have ability to imitate human speech and The amazing thing is that African Grey often use words and sounds in context.

African Grey Types

1.Timneh Grey

2.Congo Grey

Timneh Grey: The Timneh Grey is smaller than the Congo. It has more of a maroon colored tail, and its beak will have some reddish-beige tints in it.

Congo Grey: The Congo Grey is larger than the Timneh. It has red tail feathers and a black beak.

Noise of African Grey Parrots:

African Grey Parrots are moderately noisy. Most don’t have a morning and evening screaming session as some parrots do.If they are angry at their toy, or think your not paying enough attention, they may choose a loud vocalization express their feelings.

Sensitivity of African Grey Parrots

African Grey are very sensitive to their environment. Unfamiliar sounds, toys, household items, people, animals and the like will often scare them.To help avoid having an African Grey Parrots that is scared of everything, try to introduce them to new things and people as often as you can.

Diet of African Grey Parrots

Diet should consist of some seeds, nuts and a little fresh fruit, organic if possible.When fresh fruits and vegetables are not possible, dehydrated fruits and vegetables are great! Many birds love to crunch on dried fruits and veggies.