January 16, 2019 By Adam John 0

6 Essential Bird Breeding Supplies

1) Bird breeding cages
A bird breeding cage is what you get when you place 2 normal sized cages next to one another. Because of this, bird breeding cages sometimes get called a double bird cage or divided bird cage.
such as macaws and African Greys.

2) Bird breeding boxes
A breeding box is where your bird will be encouraged to lay its eggs. These boxes like the ones listed below are attached to the side of the bird breeding cage. Most bird cages will come with their own breeding box door upon which you can attach your breeding box to and some even come with a window so you can peek inside and see what’s going on.

3) Incubators
Once a fertilized egg is laid, it can either be raised by the mother bird itself or placed in an incubator and hatched. Whether this should be done depends upon the species of bird and whether or not you or not you want the mother bird to be involved in raising the chicks post hatching. Incubators are needed if anything happens to the parents of the birds.

4) Brooders
After incubation, the egg will have hatched and the bird can now be transferred to a brooder (if the parent is unable to help the chick). A brooder provides heat and humidity for newly born chicks whilst they are in this fragile period of time. Brooders are also useful if the pet bird is sick or injured.

5)Thermometers and Hygrometers

Constant warmth is needed for a properly fertilized egg to develop. When using an incubator or brooder, you’ll want to keep this warmth at a steady temperature and the best way to monitor this is via a digital thermostat like this one pictured above. This also tracks the humidity levels using the built-in hygrometer because you don’t want the heater making the air too dry.

6) Bird Banding and Leg Identification
All new pet birds that have been born should also eventually have a leg band applied to them. You can read our full guide to bird banding here.